Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Web Elements

As part of Google Services for Websites, Google's new Web Elements are handy segments, or widgets if you will, of Google products for your sites. Among the products include Goggles Maps, Calendar, YouTube News and more. Google's Web Elements makes is easier to include content to your site. For instance, If you have data that you want to share on your site, or graphs based on data, you can use the spreadsheet web element which allows you to upload a spreadsheet to Google Docs, and share the data on your site. If and when you change the data on your spreadsheet online with Google Docs, the data on the site is updates. This is a wonderful tool is you need to provide pricing for products or services. I will demonstrate the ease of this service.
You do this by going to Google Web Elements, and selecting the segment you want. Let's take for instance YouTube News. You select a News Provider, in this case, Fox News. You will see a preview of it and immediately below you have the code you need to copy and past to your site, as I will do below.

Google provides API's to utilize Google Services for Website to further enhance your sites. Among Web Elements, which is my favorite thus far, Google has added more services such as Page Speed and Google Translator.

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