Friday, March 13, 2009

Gnawing Back

I revived an old blog post that wasn’t time sensitive, and after a hiatus, I’m gnawing my way back into technology. I simply write about tech news that inspire me. I might do this daily, weekly, I don’t know. I had a good run of post before, then I fell off the technology world.

I traveled a lot this week, back and forth from Roswell, NM…. yes Roswell.

So I was saying, I heard about the new iPod Shuffle. I didn’t like the new generation shuffle. The controls are on the headphone. Meaning, proprietary headphones, more money for Apple, and you can’t use your own headphones until some third party hardware company creates an adapter so you may comfortably use your favorite ear candy. Of course, the price is up a little, to $79. With it comes 40 gigs of space, and the ability to import playlist unlike the old shuffle I have. It’s still available in a variety of colors.

So I already mentioned I have a 1st generation shuffle, and I once had a 1st generation iPod, but I switched to Zune. It’s not too different from the iTouch, however, I hate the software companion. Which brings me to an iTunes hack I came across. I give iTunes two thumbs up vs. Zune software and lame “Marketplace”. . There’s scripting involved, which I can’t wait to dig into, but for now, that’s all I got. Like I said, I been traveling a lot, I yet to tried this out.

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