Monday, March 16, 2009

New Blade Servers…. from Cisco?

I’m not a big hardware guy, we recently switched to three new Dell PCs in one office, all to connect via Terminal Services to our Dell Servers. With the lingering login, error messages and printer problems, the news about Cisco Systems entering the server market caught my eye.

Cisco Systems, Inc. revealed that in the past two years have been developing and designing servers in secrecy. The Wall Street Journal published today that Cisco will start publicly building its own “blade” servers, putting Cisco head on with it’s own partner, HP co. The effort is in conjunction with Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS), a platform design for next generation datacenters. In the simplest terms, the servers were the missing piece necessary for Cisco to unite networks, data storage and virtualization. Already with a large market share in Cisco routers and switches, dominating the majority of the hardware components needed for UCS, Cisco on Monday partnered with software giants, Microsoft, VMware and BMC Software to name a few. Cisco will hold a BladeSystems summit in Las Vegas in April focusing on data center technologies.

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