Saturday, April 25, 2009

Social Networking for Dummies - nay, Beginners

Part 1

What is Social Networking anyway? We all know what socializing is, and a network is comprised of individuals or groups gathering or connected together. I’m not here to explain the technical structure of network nodes, and protocols, nay, this post was inspired by a few of my family members that in 2009, have yet to have experienced the likes of Facebook, Twitter, blogging, even instant messengers.
The first question you want to ask yourself if you want to be on social networks is, “Do I want to have a presence online?” The Internet is a huge place, when you’re online, you make the decision whether you want to be personal or professional, fun or boring, be yourself or your alter ego. Social Networks can be used for business or personal, in the sense that you can join groups within a network, for instance, audio engineering, or underwater basket weaving. You can reconnect with old friends or make new ones.
Let me try to put it all together for you now beginning with Facebook. Facebook is a social --- a website, where you can share thoughts, stories, experiences, feelings, so on and so on. As I mentioned, while online, you be or say what you want. I’d be careful though, I’ll tell you why later. You may choose to write about work or hobbies and interests, even studies. Facebook was create by a Harvard student to connect with other students in Harvard, to socialize or assist in their studies. You may create a Facebook account for free. Once you have, you could search for people by their names, emails, or companies. You might be surprised how many people are online, (200 million subscribers). As you look for people, Facebook automatically calls them your “Friends” if you add them even if they’re just acquaintances, you could also search for groups. The groups are where you could find new friends, people who share your interest. When you join groups, you can find yourself chatting with others and it’s your call if you want to add some members of said groups to your friends list.
So for beginners, why Facebook and not MySpace? First of all, that’s the social network. I have a MySpace, but it’s bombarded with spam (junk mail). To prove my point further, MySpace is currently changing their executives, Tom, those who know of MySpace, will be the New CEO while the current CEO will stepping down. This MySpace decision is mainly due to the lack of technology advances made on MySpace compared to Facebook. Moreover, I read an article on TechNewsWorld regarding user participation and how the users participation is part of their business model.
Now you know how to get started on Facebook, what now? Here are a few things you can do with a Facebook account:
  • Update your list of friends with comments that you prefer to share. “I’m sleepy” or “I’m hungry” are pathetic updates. The comments could be business, or personal, for instance, “Any recommendations on Firewall Software” or “I hope the Cowboys draft a much needed back-up quarterback at this weekends draft.” Those comments may attract Computer Professionals or Cowboy fans that might likely comment back to you.
  • Add pictures you want to share with your friends along with commentary like, “My kids and I caught a 5 lbs. Bass this weekend”.
  • There are also online games you can play and share with your friends online as well.
  • Share links to interesting websites or interesting articles online worth mentioning.
  • And of course, what social gathering can resist an array of barter, sale or favor advertising. Free of charge you can barter, sell/buy or plainly ask for anything.
In essence, Facebook is a tool that you could use for fun or business. I will very gladly walk readers through more if need be by commenting on this blog of on my Facebook.
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Stay tuned for more social networking, Twitter, Blogging and Instant Messaging is next.

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