Friday, April 03, 2009

Ken Radio and Work Visas

A guy like me, loves technology, I try to be an early adopter of cutting edge technology when feasible, and will share my thoughts or recommendations to friends even strangers. For years I been reading blogs and technology audio or video shows. I think RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is an amazing invention. RSS is the format used to submit a web feed over the Internet. With RSS, Podcasting became possible, and I jumped on the bandwagon to listen to some incredible technologist on subjects from programming, hacking to media entertainment and technology, like Ken Radio.

I listen to Ken Radio’s “World Technology Round Up” and have been for about 6 yrs. now, maybe more. Yesterday’s show, and I think the subject began on April 1st show, disappointed me a little. Ken Rutkowski, the host, talked about Microsoft seeking fewer H-1B visas then in previous years. Of course, due to the recession in the US, the software giants is not the only one seeking employees within the United States in good faith to boost the economy and reduce the unemployment rate. For some reason, Rutkowski mentioned that was a bad move; seeking employees in the States. He claimed that countries like India and Singapore had more qualified candidates to work for a company like Microsoft than in the United States. He gave an example of Singapore mandates their people to be educated in three languages, and made a joke; “What do you call person that speaks two languages – bi-lingual. What do you call a person that speaks one language – American.” I think it was in poor taste for Rutkowski to air what he said. I’m a software developer, have a bachelors degree in Information Technology and an Associates in Mass Communications, and I am bi-lingual, did I mention I live in the United States. I don’t negate the fact the there are great engineers around the globe. I've worked in facilities with engineers from India, China and Nigeria but I have also with Americans from Wyoming, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.

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