Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Confiker – April Fools????

Take precaution, the Conficker virus, or variants of the virus, will attack to the masses on April 1st. Or is is a Joke? The Conficker virus is a worm that shuts down your defenses on your computer, i.e. security updates on both Windows update and virus software, making it difficult to detect, much less remove. The worm in turn connects to the Internet connecting with other infected computers, creating a botnet, or a network or computer collaborating in an effort. Botnets are used as servers to send spam email, or send DOS (Denial-of-service) attacks. Much like the “I Love You” Bug or similar virus attacks have capabilities to maliciously bring down servers or super computers in banks, stock firms even government offices. If you are infected, your computer will seem slow, especially the Internet speed.

It’s not recommended that you search for Conficker protection or “FREE” protection software, for those site may already by contaminated. I recommend to take extreme measure and follow these few steps:

  • Update virus software (If you don’t have virus software, get Norton Security Scan from Google Pack.)

  • Update you operating system (Microsoft Update) – if you’re a Mac or Linux user, ignore this step.

  • Don’t open email from unknown senders .

  • Permanently delete Junk Mail, don't leave in the Junk Mail Box or on the Trash Bin.

  • Scan ALL attachments, with your updated virus software.

  • Don't accept friends on instant messengers or IRC chats that you don't recognize.

  • Don't click on ANY pop-up screens.

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