Monday, August 24, 2009

My take on Time’s top 50 sites

Time magazine released the 50 Best Websites of 2009. First, there’s the obvious on Time’s list, Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Flickr (ranked no.1 ), Facebook and Twitter all made the parade. Then there’s my take on the list, based on bookmarks, there’s five sites (10% of the list) I recommend highly.
First, there’s Popurls, an aggregator, unlike Google Reader an such. This site I recommend rather than other aggregators for it recommends the most popular links (at the time)  from NY Times, Google and Yahoo News, Digg, Youtube and more. Second on my bookmarks is Wolfram Alpha, a search engine with a touch or artificial intelligence. Wolfram understands your questions and tries to figure out answers rather than return a variety of links to visit to “find your answer yourself”. Although, like most computers, you must ask correctly, therefore there is a learning curve on the users side, but worth it. Next, a site I love,, a antidote for the poison that is YouTube. is a video site with content such as conferences, seminars, lectures, and news from international forums by intellectuals touching the subjects of the economy, environment, politics, science and technology. Of course, there’s Aardvark, the newest kind of search that asks your inquiries to your network. Finally, Pandora and are considered twins and therefore tied at 32. The music sites play your choice of tunes based on artirst and songs you plant as seeds.
I award special recognition to both Metafilter and BoingBoing, having made the top 50 Best of 2009 sites and the Top 25 Blogs list.

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