Friday, December 18, 2009

Free Ring Tones – No gimmick

Being that it’s Christmas season, I figured I give some of you free ring tones. How you ask? I been playing around with ring tones for a while, shortening music files, making alterations, configuring MIME and creating XML. In that time, I realized, there are easier ways to do it. Moreover, there are sites that offer the free files. I have not tested on many phones, so it will be a trial and error for some.
First step, you visit  a website with ringtones, I use or try Next, select the music genre and select a song. Here is where it varies. On a smartphone, play the song, or sample, directly on the browser. Copy the link and send as an SMS to yourself. Read below on how to do this. Another way to do this is visit the site directly from your phone and do the same steps, however, it is not a mobile friendly site. When you receive the text or visited the link of the MP3 or MDI, you have an option to save the file on your smartphone, At this time, true on Moto Queue and Blackberry, you have the option to save as a Ring Tone. Voila!
For phone without online access, follow the first step, then opt to save the file or download the file to your computer. Next, you email yourself the file to your phone as an MMS and attach the file. (see how below). When you receive the MMS on your phone, for most flip phones including most LG and Razors, you play the MMS and select the option to save. At that save time, you have the option to save a Ringtone as well.
Sending SMS and MMS messages via email Go to your email client of choice and send an email accordingly to the table below. Remember, phone number, with area code first, no dashed "-" or parenthesis "()" followed by the @ sign and SMS or MMS extension. Example:
Carrier SMS Address MMS Address
Boost Mobile
Sprint PCS
Virgin Mobile USA

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