Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Tech Tools 2009

Friday was “ShareWare Day”. It turned me to share my top 20 tools of 2009. Although previously mentioned on my Tools I use on a daily basis, this list is compiled in order, with a summary on my top 10.
  1. Google Voice: I use this as a personal VOIP manager. I have the ability to give out one phone number, and I can mange call to my office or cell phone. Moreover, voicemails are transcribed and sent via SMS or email. 
  2. Chrome Browser: This is my default browser.
  3. Pidgin: I utilize this to connect instant messenger accounts, including AIM, Live, Google Talk and Facebook Chat.
  4. Gmail: My default email client. I connect any POP account in addition to Hotmail and Gmail accounts.
  5. Google Calendar: Online calendar, you can share public and private meetings.
  6. Google Sync: This is a great tool, I can sync my Google Voice Contacts and Google Calendar appointment to my Outlook and Blackberry.
  7. Virtual Box: This is Sun Microsystems virtual machine application. i have flawlessly ran multiple operating systems using Virtual Box rather than VM Ware, or Virtual PC.
  8. Fedora Linux: I was introduced to linux via Red Hat Linux 7. After Redhat 9, the FOSS OS took Red Hat to the enterprise level and created Fedora Linux, the same OS open to the community.
  9. Ping.fm: With Ping.fm,  you can configure one social network update to post on multiple sites, including Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and more.
  10. VLC media player: It the ultimate media player. I have note found a media file it will not play.
  11. CCleaner
  12. Last.fm
  13. Rapid Share Downloader
  14. Live Writer
  15. DropBox
  16. WinRAR
  17. FireFox
  18. Spybot - Search & Destroy
  19. Juice
  20. Tooble

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