Friday, November 20, 2009

Chrome OS out for a Ride

Google had a preview of their much talked about operating system. Incase you haven't heard, Google announced earlier this year they were working on an operating system for the Internet. After their release of the Chrome web browser, the Chrome OS news was simple to interpret, Linux + Chrome Browser.
Google is releasing the operating system as open source as they have with the Chrome Web Browser. Thanks to an engineer at, the OS is readily available for download for virtual machine or like most Linux distros, Live (USB Bootable).
After downloading the VirtualBox version, I gave it a test run.

Ever since the Internet has evolved into a monstrous realm of web applications for both work and personal, social networking and email, it’s safe to say having an operating system that only connects to the web is a good idea. Even a fast computer boots up from it’s slumber in about a minute, while as my test reveals, you can be up and ready to check email or anything of importance in half the time. And yet, you wonder what about files, documents, etc. As I continue to test the Chrome OS, I will explain the importance for Cloud computing and using applications such as Google Apps and Gmail.
Finally, if you use a Live OS, you can boot up to the internet off a USB drive. Chrome OS Bootable version fits on a 1 GB USB. Consider when you have a cold computer, and need to log onto the web to check an account or email, utilizing a bootable version of Chrome OS will have you online immediately. Consider it.

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