Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Social Networking for Dummies – nay, Beginners Part 2


In continuation to my original Social Networking for Dummies (Part 1), Twitter is a broadcasting tool for social networking. Much like Facebook, you follow people or brands and post your status, also known as a tweet, to those following you. It's an effective tool for sharing information, such as an interesting news article, or even a funny YouTube video. However, you do not want to become a statistic where studies proved that the majority of tweets are meaningless chatter. I will admit, out of 100% of my tweets, maybe 4% to 6.5% fall into that category (don't ask how I got that number). Yesterday, ZDnet release a list of 100 technology experts on Twitter, it was a part of a three part series I recommend reading. I plugged in a few of my favorites that I know of that I hadn't added to my list, and to my dismay, I came to the conclusion that a good amount of higher ranked "Tech Experts", had many meaningless tweets. Which is surprising, and perhaps ZDNet generated the list based on the quantity of tweets, not quality, tech relative tweets. You can judge for yourself on a page I built that links to the users tweets.
I leave you with this, Twitter, as described in the picture below, is a young social networking tool, but smart nonetheless. Of course, as part of this series of Social Networking for Dummies, the almost popular comic by ~elontirien, stereotypes the social network sites. MySpace being the obnoxious, albeit, jokey site, versus Facebook, smart and cool, Wikipedia is the nerd with no style and without a girlfriend, while Google is the “know it all”. Finally devianArt is the creative type and YouTube, ruthless future drop-out.

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