Friday, August 07, 2009

Tech Tools for Daily Use

Being that I work in technology, there are certain tools that I recommend for daily use. These tools are essential to consolidate the already overwhelming accounts for email, messaging and social networks. I will assume you have some or all the following services: Twitter, Facebook, MS, Yahoo and/or AOL instant massagers and various email accounts. Lets begin with Gmail. Utilize Gmail to consolidate all your email accounts into one. Gmail will enable you to receive mail from other accounts by setting them as a POP account. The other great feature of it is that you may reply from the email as the account it pertains to. When you use Gmail, you will save time checking emails, avoiding having to log into various accounts.  Here are Ten ways Gmail makes email easy. If you need an invite to Gmail, leave a Comment beginning with "GMAIL INVITE".
Moving on to social networks. To broadcast news and information, people like me utilize Facebook and Twitter. There are other social networks such as MySpace, Friendfeed, etc. When posting a feed, many either post a message to one site and a different message to the other. To keep with the consistency, I use a tool called Twhril with Twhril is a tool for Twitter,posting a message to your account page. When applying, your Twitter message will also post to a social site that you configure, in my case, Facebook. This is done by utilizing an application key, creating an account on, configure to send messages to you Facebook account and create an application key. Then add the application key to the Thwril program's setting.
Finally, even with all the new technologies, I still use my Instant Messengers. With, account on MSN, Yahoo and AOL, I refuse to install all three IM programs. Therefore, I utilize Trillian. Trillian is a tool where with that one application, you may configure up to three IM's (AOL, MSN and Yahoo so far.) There is nothing too complicated to it.
These are essential applications to me, making it easier on my day to day activities and keeping in touch.

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