Monday, August 10, 2009

Vark! Then next method of search

You hear of Bing, and of course Google and Yahoo. Of course, each have their own algorithm of searching, and for the most part, many of the search engines return similar results. These search engines are considered the three major search engines, battling out to return top web sites. At times, you might need a more specific answer, or in many cases, suggestions. Where the big three search engines return web sites, sometimes you need real answers. In comes Aardvark. at
Aardvark, or Vark, works unlike any other search. When you join, you configure your profile to search your questions via instant messenger including Google Talk, AIM, iChat, MSN Messenger and even Twitter. You may also be configured to receive questions and answer back, you are not going to be spammed with IM's all day. When you create a profile, you will be asked for topics you may fit in to answer question when necessary. Topics range from Theater to Psychology and jQuery and Engineering to my favorite, computer programming. You may even ask about animals or even math homework. The way this works is the network you are part of will be consulted first on your questions on the search. For each questions, six people will be contacted based on your questions category or topic. Not all six will accept your question, however, you may receive up to two answers, and within five minutes. All this is done via your instant messenger of your choice. When you configure the IM on your profile, you will receive a member or contact, Aardvark. You enter your question as a message to Aardvark on your IM, and will receive the answer from there as well.
I highly recommend Aardvark. If you find yourself in forums asking question with no results in days, or you sometimes want to get a suggestions form live persons rather that a search engine, you defiantly need Aardvark. Join here,

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