Friday, September 17, 2010

Career Move

Last month, a company in Colorado Springs took interest in my experience. After a few phone calls and email exchanges, I flew out to meet with them. We met up in Denver and they drove me out to Colorado Springs for a very casual meeting, then lunch, as they asked me questions regarding my skills. On the drive back to Denver, I was told to talk to my wife and prepare for a decision to relocate. For those of you who know us well know the event that happened 5 years ago this November that brought us back to El Paso. Even though, my wife and I put some thought into this decision, and have opted to leave El Paso for greener pastures.
I accepted the position the end of August, to begin October 1st. Today marks my last week at my current employer and the following week I will be moving to Colorado Springs, aka, “The Springs”. I will be programming for a software company, going back to more Windows development and less web development. Although the primary platform is in VB.Net and C#, the company is over 20 years old and there are still lines of COBOL in their flagship product that needs conversion. I will also be involved with their SaaS (Software as a Service) module and dashboard products they offer their clients, which means I will still be doing some ASP.Net.
The Springs looks beautiful, this was my second time there. My boys are excited about picking up snowboarding and Myriam loves cold weather. I can’t wait to take my baby girl out to the snow and not worry about it melting away by 10 A.M. I will find it challenging to explain to my kids what Medical Marijuana is though. Seems a lot of the technology firms are out there, Oracle, HP, Verizon just to name a few, so it’s a solid decision that we are moving to the right place.
I will leave some unfinished projects in El Paso. I was organizing a GiveCamp, a weekend long event where programmers and IT pros donate their time to develop a web/software solution for non-profit organizations. I was also starting up a .Net and SQL Server User group for El Paso developers and initiating it with a Code Camp, and day long even with workshops and talks on various techniques with .Net. If anyone is interested taking over these project, feel free to email me. I have put many hours into preparation and made many contacts for these projects that are only a hairline away from getting started. I would hate for these projects to be dropped.
So the countdown continues, one week in counting at work, then finish packing and move to the Rockies.

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