Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bucket List

This morning I read Brent's blog and I took a cue from his and the following bloggers that wrote a bucket list.
Brent Ozar (blog | twitter)
Sarah Sjolander (blog | twitter
Bob Pusateri a.k.a.@SQLBob (blog | twitter

This is good timing too, for I have settled in Colorado Springs now and am doing good in my new job. One of my goals, as you'll see, has to do with my career... 

Land my Dream Job - programming for a firm that is flexible, cutting edge, stress free and casual with a fridge stocked with caffeinated drinks and pantry with snacks.

Here are my others:
Go to a World Series Game - Not this one, perhaps one with the Dodgers or Yankees
Visit Italy - My wife is part Italian, I'd love to take her visit her roots
Catch a record (or near record) breaking Bass
Write a Technical Book - not like I written a non technical book either
Travel the country in an RV - hopefully catch a big fish while traveling 
Have my wife and I take grandkids to Disney - still long ways, but its in my list

There it is.

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