Monday, January 10, 2011

T-SQL Tuesday: What are your SQL Resolutions

T-SQL Tuesday is the brain child of Adam Machanic (Blog|@AdamMachanic). Each month, a lucky blogger is selected to host this blog party. This month, the host is Midnight DBA’s, Jenn McCown (Blog|Twitter). This month’s million dollar question is: “What are your techie resolutions?”
I recently blogged regarding a few “techie” things I have lined up for this year, however, to stay in theme to T-SQL Tuesday, I will tell you all about my SQL Resolutions for 2011.
This month is already filled with several events, the one more SQL specific will be that of presenting at the Colorado Springs SQL User Group. I resolved to participate more with the tech community, and since I moved here in October, I have met some interesting professionals that have made me comfortable to present. This month, I will be presenting for the first time, and my topic of choice is “Fundamental T-SQL Development”. I feel pretty strong on the subject, and am very eager to speak. This attempt at speaking led me to another resolution I have made for SQL 2011, and that is participating in a SQL Saturday. I had submitted two sessions to speak, one being the “Fundamental T-SQL Development” the other is “Securing you SQL Server”.
I have been hearing about SQL Saturday's for over a year now over Twitter and such. It is finally becoming a reality for me to see one in person. Not only that, I resolve to speak at a SQL Saturday and will hope to be doing just that at SQl Saturday #66 in Colorado Springs, come Feb. 12, 2011.
Those who know me well, are aware that I've only been in Colorado for about 3 months now. Last year I became a MCPD in ASP.Net 2008, and the year prior that an MCTS in SQL Server 2008 Development. I wrote about becoming a DBA in 2010, but I left that task unfinished. This year, to conclude the SQL Resolutions, I intend to set this goal that I've yet to achieve: the MCITP level in DBA, or probably Development, and maybe MCTS Implementation and Maintenance (70-432), was that too vague?
I must say though, I came into 2011 wanting to speak, attend a SQLSaturday and get more certifications, so far, two out of three are right around the corner. And I will say this, I hope someone is clever enough to revisit this topic in the SQL Community at years end and recap the outcomes bloggers SQL Resolutions.

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