Monday, August 22, 2011

Call to Action: SecureKidsWeb

In recent news in the city I live in, a 12 and a half year old boy was severely injured at home. After a five day battle, the young man was taken off life support. This really hit home for us when we first heard of the news because it was my son's first day of school and the young man went to the same school. The parents kept the accident private, but encourage these words:

"Please take good care of all your children and loved ones.
Watch closely what they look at on the Internet and things they talk about with friends. We feel we did not know enough and this lack of knowledge made us pay a high price !!"

It's a shame when families don't know enough about parental control. It is a vary sad thing to think this could of been prevented with simple, free Internet security tools or sites. I been using OpenDNS since my young ones were freely able to surf the web on their own computers. Not to mention, I was able to block out unwanted information from their Wii game console as well.

I want to share my quick lesson to anyone listening, and I encourage friends and families with children to do the same right now. I would also challenge and ask all my acquainted IT professionals that I know, personally or via Social Network, that we come forth and help. Please take a minute and share your Internet Parental Control knowledge and post and tag it #SecureKidsWeb

Create a free Opendns account at

Go to the Set up page and follow the instructions to set up your home router:

When set up, go to your OpenDNS Dashboard. You should be able to see a network address in the form of ###.###.###.####. That is called an IP address. Click the "Add Network" button and name your network.

Once you have added the Network, click on the Settings tab, and you will find the Web Content Filtering section. At this point, you can choose your filtering level, or customize your setting. By doing so, you can block content by category, i.e. Adult content, Sexuality, Drugs, Hate/Discrimination.

Once you have set up your OpenDNS, you may manage to see reports of site visited and judge for yourself whether you want to block addition site by name in the same manner by going to the Manage individual domains section.

Now you can have the ease to monitor and manage Web Traffic and content.

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